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Author: Hoang Van Duc
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Documents name: The Communications Data Basic Building for Companies

Plan advertising according to 5M model
There is no gold jewel for all businesses when advertising is done. However, the following 5M model can help avoid waste because there is no clear goal, information does not reach customers …
Defining targets (Target Mission):
 An advertising plan must start from clearly defining the goals that businesses aim to: create awareness for customers about brands, information about the presence of new products on the market, convince customers. about the product’s specific attributes or want to remind customers of their past satisfaction and future needs …
These goals will determine how and how to advertise. Budget determination (Money) Advertising budgets more or less will determine the choice of advertising media. The current popular method is to determine a budget based on the percentage of sales.
 Select advertising media (Media):
Choosing one or more reasonable means allows businesses to bring information to the right people that interest them. There are facilities such as: broadcasting (radio, television), printing: newspapers, magazines, publications, outdoor advertising (panels, electric panels), electronic mail, yellow pages, Internet. ..
 Each medium has its own advantages and disadvantages when expressing messages. Therefore, when planning advertising vehicles, it is necessary to consider many factors such as: advertising goals, budget, customer characteristics, objectives, scope, activity level, audience characteristics, Advertising costs on each medium … Example: Advertising for golf clubs by email will be more effective than newspapers. If financially constrained, businesses can focus their efforts on a single means that is easier to influence than spread the message across multiple media.
Advertising messages (Messages):
The message must be short, easy to remember, easy to understand; has uniqueness, keeps the image and must target the target customers of the product. Many unique advertisements have effectively used image elements without long explanations (such as advertising Biti’s, Saigon beer, Vedan monos …). An advertisement that wants to impress customers must have a central idea, a highlight … Sometimes an ad is too focused on a famous character that overshadows the image and characteristics of the product. The product is also ineffective. Measurement and evaluation of the impact of Measurement Evaluating the impact of advertising to determine whether the advertising message has reached the right audience that the business wants, they receive the message and how what impact on awareness, behavior and shopping habits. Thereby, businesses have the direction to maintain or adjust the advertising plan in the future.

Advertising methods make the most of communication tools

  1. Take advantage of channels with a large community (Content Marketing):
    1.1 Social network: It is a network with a large number of communities, fast communication and spread throughout the globe. Therefore, utilizing the maximum communication of impressive messages on social networks is an advantage.
    1.1.a. Approaching social networks to get the community of interest or see advertising messages with the competition of communication and marketing content on social networks with building hyperlinked data.
    1.1.b. The approach to maximizing and competing for information on social networks creates advantages for advertisers, according to content attachments that attract community attention.
  • Competitive information method: The amount of information posted on social networks normally only works a few days later will be neglected. Usually tools for GHIM articles or back up information by year. But that concern is always overshadowed. Therefore, the competition of information on social networks as a battle without end of Blogers. The rate of sales information is not very salty or very boring for viewers. Compete information by launching a lot of HOT content and attaching the associated advertising messages that will capture the target customers and need to care about the message.
  • Method of maximizing advertising messages: Is a method of attaching advertising information in HOT content through affiliate marketing: For example on an information network, content is a story about GATO topic but which includes an ad or a message that has been built to lead to a specific, targeted ad content that redirects the user to another topic by viewing demand. It’s also called affiliate marketing.

Do not take advantage of the Social Network Channel with direct advertising content as Blogers are doing: Directly recording, launching groups of product images on personal pages, thus losing the impression on the page. Personal … Personal pages to create completely personal markings from which the number of interested communities will be higher when there is affiliate marketing and very friendly community view.
Maximize Youtube:
An example:
Maximize content to build content on social networks Youtube
From content redirection links will be searched by robots of Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN … Gathering through algorithms Mapping elements … gathering and evaluating to bring content to the The traffic of Webmasters system.

  • Build links to advertise content on other channels with a database of multilingual messages:
    1.2. Competitive methods of information:
    Information competitive method is the method of building many dominant content which is included in the data storage system on the channels by optimizing the materials being used to the maximum, in the way “Long-lasting rainstorm” .
    Using cloning information that affects the “Domino algorithm” format, is to build content with HOT characteristics and follow-up hyperlinks to increase the amount of community to see documents, messages and content. This is a target that is being adopted by the community, but is not very effective because of HOT content marketing but SHOCKING.
    Duplicate information with the same content into different languages ​​to reach people of different interests, thereby penetrating the market and understanding the industry’s characteristics and environment. In the content of data, it is necessary to build more culture and business image to avoid bad impacts on reputation and image of business people and businesses …
    1.3. Using the Ping method of hyperlinks is to add hyperlinked creams that redirect to channels, also known as link consignment methods. (Limit using this method to avoid Spam).
  1. Build content for social networks:
    Building impressive content:
  • Movies (Videos): Using film making techniques: + Good content for content navigation hyperlinks. + Impressive advertising film content (Life asked people to have ideas, graphics technology, film making skills …).
  • Using text data.
  • Use tools to analyze user behavior for data managers to know the goals and needs, as a basis for making decisions to produce and market the content to target customers.
  • Use analytical tools based on Google, FB, youtube, twitter … to analyze the number of viewers in the released document.
  • Build structured data to interact, integrate best with other communication tool systems.
    INFRASTRUCTURE OF DATA (Nature is Website infrastructure).
    Store databases on other communication tools in the language corresponding to the national environment, from which navigation elements are directed to the main data infrastructure INFRASTRUCTURE OF DATA.
  • The form of giving product communication data to companies that want to advertise on multi-channel channels, corresponding data is translated into as many languages ​​as possible, in order to market markets with real needs . The more information you need, the more content navigation elements you need to build, so the content will be converted and transferred to other channels and duplicated information. In that building, it will never lose data and information value from year to year.
    Therefore, the competitive method of information is necessary to be developed through the media database plan.

Building structured infrastructure data

1.KN data has structure:
 Structured data is delineated data layer in a specific structure and has its own function. Structured data is stored to convey the information contained in the data structure
For example:


We see an inward structure and an outward structure.
Intra-directional layer defines internal data, the outward layer is a layer of search engine compatibility, user compatibility … with direct algorithms and indirect algorithms, mixed algorithms.

  • Direct algorithms are built in a single shaped data structure such as calculating, launching the system, operating a stable and secure system …
  • Indirect algorithm is an algorithm used based on the analysis of the characteristics of elements with single structure and algorithms of external compatible applications also called tools, methods …
  • Mixed algorithm: The method of combining direct and indirect single structural data and algorithm to form a third external structure.
  1. Advantages and disadvantages of building structured data.
    2.1. Advantages:
    The construction of structured data is the organization of organizing data in a functional and scientific manner, which is easy to use and install additional applications into the system or complement a certain structure.
    The direction of communicating information is fast and functional, well compatible with algorithms built outside the structured database system.
    Built languages ​​are less common, easy to build, easy to build.
    Data that is communicative and informative, needs access or effort to reach users. Part of the purpose and function of generating structured data is to serve the data communications industry.
    2.2. Defect:
    Because of a certain structure and born of many Open Source firms, structural security always has structural vulnerabilities. Because of the accessibility feature, it is easy for users to discover security vulnerabilities.
    Data administrators must work hard to use multiple security methods regularly, refresh code and data resources. Efforts to bring information to reach users.
  2. Building communication database for businesses.
    (Note Database database and data are completely different).
    3.1. Database field.
    Is the order list of items of a consistent nature to store data.
    Building database should list items for communication data throughput during data operation. Database is also a place to shape data structure, ensuring the best data operation. The database has the function of linking elements from another table via table relation by ID key. For example, relations in the form of trees, parent and child, relations equal …
    The database is flexibly customized by the builder to suit the data operation system.
    Standardization of database: There are 2 normalized forms of 2NF, 3NF, using database querying language to operate and use.
    A structured database model.

3.2. Database building tool.
Common tools used to build popular databases: SunJAVA, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server …
3.3. Database construction model and structured data.
Level 1 infrastructure: Includes database structure.
Level 2 infrastructure: Including CODE, input language, structural analysis algorithms built through the system.
Level 3 infrastructure: The input language is a multi-purpose form that is a collapsible language or an I / O expression language.
Infrastructure level 4: Original input language and interface language, Layout …
Infrastructure level 5: Compatible infrastructure suitable for external algorithms and tools.
Integrated multi-tier database structure system Outside Algorithym

  1. Algorithms
    4.1. The algorithms within the configuration should complete the data structure:
  • Algorithms are built for algorithm analysis for data operation system in accordance with the database that has been analyzed and built. The algorithms within the structure are almost the same.
  • If – else structure algorithm is also called conditional algorithm.
  • While structural algorithms called loop algorithms: For example: There are 30 databases in which 10 databases are displayed, using a loop to output 10 databases showing the system, the displayed part is shaped into display data. Marketing has arranged. If you do not close the EndWhile loop, it will run all 30 databases into 30 structured data. The creator uses the loop to limit the number of impressions as desired.
  • Cork algorithm: I / O is used to shape the terminal or used to program the terminals.
  • Open and close algorithms: Algorithms are used as a closing tag and an opening tag: For example: Data retrieved
    open tag close tag
    In the opening tag, there are internal elements, most of them are database format tags like in with data, closing data with closing tags closing all data and tags with a closing tag open root
    All algorithms within the structure share a common goal of bringing the database to the operating system and application.
    4.2. External algorithms:
    These algorithms work outside the structured data system, a trick that hackers use to detect, redirect, detect security vulnerabilities …
    The external algorithms mentioned in this document point to useful algorithms and are developed by Fismile team of algorithms and applications from existing algorithms.

4.2.1. Foldering mapping algorithm (Foldering mapping algorithm) – Introduction of algorithm formation history: Foldering mapping algorithm is an algorithm based on algorithms on the theory of set math, mapping algorithms. Based on these two theories, the communication solutions development team FiSmile network solutions has successfully spent time in algorithm since 2013 and successfully applied in 2014-2016. The group consists of 4 people, Mr Hoang Van Duc, Mr Truong Van Duc, Miss Lu Thi Bich Phuong, Mrs Hoang Thi Hien. – Detailed algorithm